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... ints, we are made sensible that if his life culminated in a tragedy, the tragic

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aspect of it was not altogether displeasing to him. Still it would be a grievous slur on so great a character to suppose that such a home loan bank weakness could have had any considerable part in his steady and deliberate refusal to see a priest at the last. This is sufficiently accounted for by the fact that he believed he could not be absolved without accepting the condemnation of his own views, and so abandoning the cause of humanity.

While under the spell of his imaginary dilemma, he was constrained to follow the rule for a perplexed conscience, and to choose what seemed to him the less of two evils. After his ideal had been destroyed, and the Church could no longer be for him the Saviour of the Nations, he threw himself without reserve into the cause of poor credit home loan humanity and liberty. But

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his aims were now almost entirely destructive and poor credit home loan revolutionary.

His enthusiasm was rather a hatred of the things that were, than an ardent

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zeal for the


things that ought to be; and the bitter elements in his character become more and more accentuated as he finds himself gradually thrust aside and forgotten--cast off by the Church, ignored by the revolution. Even his friends, with one or two exceptions, dropped off one by one; some fleeing federal home loan bank like rats from a sinking ship, others perplexed at his obstinacy or offended by his violence; others

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removed by death or distance; and we see him in his old age poor and lonely, and intensely unhappy. When dangerously ill in 1827, he exclaimed, on home loan bank being told that it was a fine night, "For my peace, God grant that it may be my last." The prayer was not heard, for, as he felt on his recovery, God had a great work for him to do. How that work was done we have just seen.

Feli de Lamennais, who would have been buried as a Christian in 1827, was buried as an infidel in 1854. It is vain to contend that he was not a man of prayer. That he had a keen discernment in spiritual things is evident from his _Commentary on the Imitation_ and his other home loan bank spiritual writings, as well as from the testimony of his young disciples at La Chenaie, to whom he was not merely a brilliant teacher, a most affectionate friend and father, but also a bankruptcy home loan trusted guide in the things of God. Yet this would be little had we not also assurance of his personal and private devoutness. All this would make his unfortunate ending a stumbling-block to those who cannot acquiesce in the fact that in every soul tares and wheat in various proportions grow side by side, and that which growth is to be victorious is not possible to predict with certainty; who deem it impossible that one who ends ill could ever have lived well; or that one who loses his faith, or any other virtue, could ever at any time have really possessed it. There is indeed some kind of double personality home loan bank in us all which is perhaps more observable in strongly-marked characters like De Lamennais, where, so to say, the bifurcating lines are produced further. Proud men have occasional moods of genuine humility; and habitual bitterness is allayed by intervals of sweetness; and conversely, there are ugly streaks in the fairest marble. And as to the fate of that restless soul, who shall dare to speak dogmatically? We cling gladly to the story of the tear that stole down his face in

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death, and would fain see in it some confirmation of the view according to which the soul receives in that crucial hour a final choice based on the collective experience of its mortal life.

We would hope that as there is a baptism of blood or of charity, so there may perhaps be some uncovenanted absolution for one who so earnestly loved mankind at large, and especially the poor and the oppressed; who in his old age and misery was found by their sick-bed; who willed to be with them in his death and burial.

And yet we feel something of that agonizing uncertainty which forced from


the aged Abbe Jean the bitter cry, "Feli, Feli, my brother!" _Jan._ 1897. XVII. LIPPO, THE MAN AND THE ARTIST. "What pains me most," writes the late Sir Joseph Crowe in the _Nineteenth Century_ for October, 1896, "is to think that the art of Fra Filippo, the loose fish, and seducer of holy women, looks almost as pure, and is often quite as lovely as that of Fra Giovanni Angelico of Fiesole." And indeed, if the fact be admitted, poor credit home loan it cannot but be a shock to all those high-minded thinkers who have committe ...

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